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The folder that doesn’t exist…

Recently, we had a client with a folder that was visible but according to Windows, the folder was not actually there! This folder was causing the OneDrive client on this system to complain about syncing a folder it could not find. But in order to get the OneDrive sync...

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Phishing and Multi-Factor Authentication

PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT ARTICLE FULLY.  THE NEXT TWO MINUTES MAY SAVE YOU HOURS IN LOST PRODUCTIVITY. As you may or may not know, there has been an increase in phishing attempts specifically aimed at Office 365 subscribers.  You can reference an article on our blog...

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Windows 10 v1803 – Where hast though gone!

April showers bring May flowers, in terms of Windows 10 Another update, another new Windows 10 Operating System to enjoy. Well, at least that’s the thought. One would think we can simply apply the update and you’ll have new features to play within Windows 10! While...

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Improve Windows 10 Responsiveness

Out of the box, Windows 10 has many settings enabled and configured, although Windows 10 seems zippy on that new HP <pick your favorite vendor> Laptop/Desktop running the latest 8th Generation i7, there is still room for improvement. Of course, one can always...

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Looks Legit?

We’ve all been there, you receive an email from Microsoft, Dropbox, Google, maybe even your Bank institution asking you to reset or check your account settings. You look at the email, mull it over for a few seconds and then determine…. it looks legit, feels somewhat...

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Windows 10 – End of Service?

You might have read that title and thought, “What, are they crazy, no way!” Truth is, all Microsoft Windows products have a lifecycle. The lifecycle of a product begins when a product is released and ends when the product is no longer supported. Even Windows 10 has a...

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