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If you have an IT department

Whether you need assistance with networking, cybersecurity, licensing, or hybrid data centers, you can trust us to make your job easier.

Why Choose Us?


  • We make budget-conscious recommendations.  You will receive best-in-class technologies appropriate for your budget.


  • We will make your job easier.  We understand the pressure and challenges of providing in-house technical support.  We will partner with you to exceed expectations and make your department shine!


  • We seek to understand your systems.  So when you need help, we’re ready to jump right into solving the problem.


  • We’re part of your community.  As a local, small business, we live in, work in, and actively support our south-central Pennsylvania area.

How We Can Support You



Solid wired and wireless networks are essential for maximum productivity. SelecTech designs, builds, analyzes and supports data and voice networks with best-in-class technologies appropriate for any budget.


      • Expert Networking Experience

      • Wired/Wireless Networking

      • Optimized Traffic Flows

      • Network Segmentation

      • Optimized Network Security

      • VLANs

      • Network Assessments

      • Network Strategy

      • Network Documentation

      • SD/WAN

      • Failover Internet

      • Remote Access / Work from Home



Our approach to implementing security measures is truly a defining factor in the level of our expertise. We understand that companies may need to adhere to strict security regulations and that can present challenges when it comes to functionality. SelecTech strives to find the correct balance between security and functionality in every situation. Even when security needs to favor functionality, we take care to include common-sense security measures that will not impede performance or functionality.

      • Endpoint Protection

      • Email Protection

      • Network Edge Protection

      • Security Assessments

      • Holistic Security

      • Zero Day Threat Prevention

      • Ease of Administration

      • Appropriate amount of Security vs Functionality

      • Remote Access Security

      • Wireless Security

      • Network Segmentation and Access Rules

      • Multi-Layer Approach

Microsoft 365 / Azure AD

Do you want all that comes with the Microsoft 365 Office Suite and Azure Active Directory, but you don’t want to deal with a migration or the administration that follows? Not to worry, SelecTech has you covered from the initial design to setup to the daily administration and maintenance. Our extensive knowledge of Microsoft 365/Azure AD will ensure you get the most out of your subscriptions, and you’ve got a top tech team to support your organization when issues arise.


      • Azure Active Directory Integration with On-Premise Active Directory

      • Microsoft Office Suite

      • Exchange Hosted Email

      • User Management

      • Multi-Factor Authentication

      • Security Policies / Information Rights Management

      • Licensing

      • Project Workflows / Collaboration / File Sharing

      • Teams Productivity

      • SharePoint Online

      • Microsoft 365 Migrations

      • Hybrid Clouds

On Premise Active Directory

STI has Active Directory expertise dating back to the Windows NT days. We are very proficient when it comes to any size Active Directory forest. Whether your Active Directory Organization is 100% on-premise, spread across multiple locations, integrated with a “Cloud” solution, or contains trusts, SelecTech is able to provide the expertise your organization needs.

        • Active Directory Forest and Domain Design Best Practices

        • Proper use of Organizational Units

        • Active Directory Security Strategies

        • Integration with Cloud Solutions

        • Domain Trusts

        • Active Directory Health Assessments


STI is very experienced in server, application, and desktop virtualization. 100% of our clients that have on-premise servers utilize a server virtualization technology which saves them a lot of money on their hardware investment.


      • Design based on use case(s)

      • Expert implementation

      • Expert support

      • VMWare Partner

      • Citrix Partner

      • Virtualization performance optimization strategies

      • Virtualization security strategies

      • Server virtualization storage strategies

Disaster Recovery / Data Backup

SelecTech understands the importance of information and data to the daily productivity of any organization.  Furthermore, we understand that  accidents happen and data loss is a very real possibility.  That is why we use Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective in every Backup and Disaster Recovery solution we design.  A backup solution is only as good as its ability to recovery the data.  Our solutions are proven reliable time and time again.


      • On-Premise and Cloud Backup design

      • Multi-Location Disaster Recovery Design

      • Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online Backup

      • Microsoft 365 Email Backup

      • Data Restores

      • Disaster Recovery Documentation

SelecTech has quickly become my #1 go-to for project work. They have proven themselves time and again at being able to deliver in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Eric Beamesderfer

Director of Information Technology, Hamilton Health Center