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If you do not have an IT department

From daily IT support to long-term planning, we can be the IT department you wish you had – without the high cost! We’ll help you match the right technologies to your business needs within your budget.

Why Choose Us?


  • We are a cost-effective solution for addressing your IT challenges.  You get all of the benefits of an in-house IT department without the payroll costs.


  • We provide a very quick response time,  decreasing your stress and increasing your productivity.


  • We speak human.  We make technology understandable, and your team feel respected.


  • We are budget-conscious,  recommending the best technologies to meet your needs while staying within your allotted funds.

How We Can Support You


IT Support Services

SelecTech provides the same type of IT Support Services that a Network Administrator would perform.  We have a very quick response time to support issues because we understand the stress created by malfunctioning technology.  Our Technical Support Analysts are personable, knowledgeable, efficient and thorough.


Why Partner with SelecTech for Your IT Support Needs?

    • Fast Response Times

    • Computer Repair

    • Computer Sales

    • Computer Installation

    • Network Support

    • Network Equipment Sales

    • QuickBooks Support

    • Microsoft 365 Support

    • Network Printing Support

    • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

    • Third Party Application Support

    • Cyber Security

        • Antivirus

        • Antimalware

        • Anti-Spam

        • Zero-Day Protection

        • Network Edge

Strategic IT Consulting


As the Network Administrator for your organization, SelecTech will always advise you on the best technologies to use for your business needs while staying within the stated budget.  We provide short-term and long-term consulting to address an organization’s immediate and future needs, respectively.


Why Partner with SelecTech for Strategic IT Consulting?

      • Experienced Consultants

      • Certified Technical Support Analysts

      • Cyber Security Strategies

        • Antivirus

        • Antimalware

        • Anti-Spam

        • Zero-Day Protection

        • Network Edge

      • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

        • Hosted / Cloud

        • On-Premise

      • Phone Systems

      • Websites

      • Microsoft 365 Migrations

      • Network Upgrades and Expansion

      • Data Storage Solutions

      • On-Premise Servers

      • Cloud Computing

      • Websites

      • Employee Training

Selectech has a very practical approach to IT, installing what is needed that will work for your business instead of every bell and whistle that’s the latest and greatest – whether you need it or not.  They are very customer oriented and really listen to you and how you work – then propose a very practical and reliable system.  Quite refreshing considering what you hear from most IT salesmen.

Sue Ehgartner

Johnson Imaging Systems