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The folder that doesn’t exist…

Update: I recently ran into this issue again, this time it was a file that had a trailing space and not the folder. To resolve the issue with the trailing space on the file, I created a new folder so that I could move all of the existing files to this new folder...

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Improve Windows 10 Responsiveness

Out of the box, Windows 10 has many settings enabled and configured, although Windows 10 seems zippy on that new HP <pick your favorite vendor> Laptop/Desktop running the latest 8th Generation i7, there is still room for improvement. Of course, one can always...

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Looks Legit?

We’ve all been there, you receive an email from Microsoft, Dropbox, Google, maybe even your Bank institution asking you to reset or check your account settings. You look at the email, mull it over for a few seconds and then determine…. it looks legit, feels somewhat...

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